Thursday, June 4, 2009

PeopleSoft interview Questions

Extracted from MyAnswerBank

What are the four types of tables used in PeopleSoft HRMS?

1. Translate
2. Defaulting and Processing
3. Control (Prompt, Setup)
4. Transaction Tables (Day to Day Transactions)

What is the difference between a Business Unit and a Set ID?

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Business Unit is a way of tracking and reporting specific business information for reporting and roll up of data collection.
It does not have to be a legal entity.
Set ID is for table set sharing.
Assign Set Ids to specific record groups for Business Unit to restrict the view of rows of data within control tables.

Extracted from MyAnswerBank

What is a Comp Rate Code?
Rate codes define rate of pay and represent pay components.

List and define the three types of effective dated rows.
1. Current highest effective date – less than or equal to system date
2. History – all rows with an effective date less than the current row
3. Future – all rows with an effective date greater than the system row

List the six modules that use groups.
1. Salary Planning
2. Salary Forecasting for France
3. Total Compensation Reporting
4. Variable Compensation
5. Employee Review
6. Training Administration

Which deduction will be taken first – one with a priority of 500 or one with a priority of 550?
The deduction with a priority of 500 will be taken first

Does a dependent automatically qualify to be a beneficiary?
No, the person must be linked as a beneficiary or as a dependent/beneficiary in order to be listed as a beneficiary.

If you correct an error by changing a rate on a flat rate table, would you ‘Recalculate All’ or ‘Only Calculate Where Needed’ when running the deduction calculation an additional time?
Recalculate All

What date is considered the effective date on an Enrollment Page in Benefits?
The deduction begin date or the coverage begin date

Where do you turn on Multiple Job functionality in the system?
Define Business Rules, Define General Options, Setup, Installation Table
PeopleTools, Utilities, Use, PeopleTools Options

Name other products available with PS HRMS that utilize employee information established in the Human Resource module.
• Payroll
• Time and Labor
• Benefits Administration
• Stock Administration
• Pension Administration
• Payroll Interface

How do you inactivate an effective dated row?
Insert a new effective dated row and mark it as inactive in the Effective Status field.

List the core HRMS tables.
• Company
• Set ID
• Business Unit
• Establishment (US Only)
• Location
• Department
• Comp Rate Code
• Salary Plan Tables (Plan/Grade/Step)
• Job Code
• Paygroup

What are the benefits of using table set sharing?
It helps to segregate data for a Business Unit. It also allows companies to share data across Business Units.

Name the applications or modules that come with the core PS HR Product.
• Recruit Workforce
• Administer Training
• Budget Training
• Manage Competencies
• Plan Careers
• Plan Succession
• Position Management
• Base Benefits
• Manage Positions
• Plan Salaries
• Manage Labor Relations
• Track Global Assignments
• Monitor Health & Safety

What is a breadcrumb?
The tracking of each step of your navigation to a given page from the home page.

If you are seeking information specific to only one country, where would you access this data in the system?
Country specific or local navigation/pages.

What does the effective date do?
It determines when information goes into effect. It classifies information into a time category. It determines which data rows are retrieved by the user actions (Update, Update Display All, Correction).

What does each scroll area control?
Different but related database tables.

What are the four phases of the benefits process?
1. Setting up benefit plan and supporting tables
2. Associating benefit plans with a benefit program
3. Enrolling employees in benefit plan
4. Calculating deductions