Tuesday, May 27, 2008

PeopleSoft Architecture

Here I am going to tell that what is the PeopleSoft Architecture

URL in the web browser includes the name of a servlet on the Web Server
Servlet running in the servlet engine interprets request and comes up with a list of objects that are required to build the page.
This list is sent to the Application Server in the form of JOLT message.
Tuxedo receives the Jolt message, and converts it into a service request, which it routes to the appropriate Peoplesoft Server process.
PeopleSoft Server Process converts it into SQL statements.
SQL statements are sent to the database.
Data requested is supplied by the database.
PeopleSoft process constructs HTML page out of object data.
Tuxedo acknowledges receipt of data and closes connection with the PeopleSoft process.
Data is forwarded by Tuxedo to the requesting Java Servlet.
Servlet forwards the page requested by the browser.
When all objects are in place, HTML page forwarded to the Web Services.
Browser views the page.